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COVID-19 UPDATE – November2020

With the current state of the country, we are working under the guidelines for small businesses as set forth by the state of Delaware. That being said, we are operating under a locked door policy – we are not allowing customers in the store, but are more than happy to provide service, assistance, and retail options out front of the shop. We will gladly bring any product to the door for you to test or experience before purchase! We are also asking that customers call to set up an appointment to have their bicycles serviced for most repairs – “on the spot” repairs are VERY limited as of the moment. Lastly, we are asking all customers and visitors to the store to practice social distancing and wear a mask when interacting with us out front – let’s help each other get through this thing. For any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to give us a shout, email, or stop by the shop and chat out front. Stay Safe!